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Weekly Anticipation: Ultimate Comics Ultimate Comics Ultimate Love

Ultimate Comics Fallout 5 brings us one step closer to the Ultimate Comics relaunch and I can’t wait! Basically, this whole Fallout series has dealt with the Death of Spider-Man and re-positioning the Ultimates and X-Men into their new status quos. I certainly like the concepts being presented for the future series but the execution … Continue reading

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Weekly Anticipation: Green Hope Gates

War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath 1 is my first title this week because of all the exciting comics out this week (barring a Flashpoint tie-in or two, I’d want all of these in position 1) I simply can’t wait to see how Tony Bedard deals with the humongous logistical and emotional damage done to … Continue reading

Weekly Anticipation: Hope on Pope

Generation Hope 8 features Teon peeing on the justice system! JUSTICE LIKE A WATERFALL!!! Anyways, the gang helps their resident primal-type character deal with charges levied against him and I don’t see how this could be anything but another great entry to the Generation Hope series. Kieron Gillen always brings innovative new twists to this … Continue reading