A Colossal Beginning!

Welcome to the first post of Mutant A Day! This blog will feature mutants, super heroes and baddies of various comic characters of only the marvel various universes!  We will also be giving you heads up on different story lines, movies, and other info one might need to know! Enjoy!

What better way to start off than with Colossus (Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin) of the X-Men’s Gold Team! Currently Mr. Rasputin has switched teams from Ms. Kitty Pryde’s beefy boyfriend, to North Star’s hot as fuck gay boyfriend in the Ultimate X-Men story line.  Finally some gay lovin’ between mainstream characters in a story line that is not only awesomely written but fantastically drawn!  And I imagine Logan can finally worry less about his furry ass dropping the soap in the X-Showers. (whiiink)

Look out later this month for Ultimate X Men 98, Wolverine has destroyed all the “banshee” and North Star is actually not dead & Colossus are reunited but what the HELL is up with Quicksilver and Magneto’s plan to “DEAL WITH THESE HUMANS” ?!?

[also check out the Angel mini series (And by ANGEL I mean WARREN WORTHINGTON III… This ain’t Buffy and Angelus folks!  The 5th & final book is on sale this week!]


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