The High Flying Angel!

I know it’s the same day but I am just so proud EXCITED to post all of these hot men heroes that have been on the back burner here at the Mutant A Day™ living room headquarters!

Today is all about Warren Worthington III also known as Angel from the X-Men.  Currently Angel has his own mini-series called Angel: Revelations which is a FIVE, count em’, FIVE part mini-series about Warren in his prep-school days and his mutant ability coming to fruition at the height of his popularity.

If you haven’t kept up, go out and get the back issues! SPOILER ALERT!


Warren in Angel:Revelations

After Warren’s  wings come out of the closet his back and he learns to fly, he soon realizes that his gay best friend Andrew (who happens to be in love with him) is being fondled by the resident catholic priest spiritual advisor.

No, Warren isn’t a mo’ in this series, but his open mindedness of Andrew’s assumed obvious homosexuality and his willingness to do whatever it takes to keep him safe against bullies, priests and school fires is refreshing on Marvel’s part. Big PROPS to Writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Artist Adam Pollina for creating a story that rocks and art that feels like mutant-couture.

It’s orgazzzzmic!


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