Jubilation Rhythm Nation*

Today’s featured hero(ine) is my favorite American Asian persuasion, Margaret Cho Jubilation Lee!

What's that in your pocket?

I really think she has a tendency to get overlooked in most story lines, but when it comes to orphans this one shines above the rest.  Some call her a Downgrade Dazzler, I call her sparkles…no wait, I call her a female who can literally blow your ass up into kibbles and bits (check the pretty colors).

Her most memorable moment for me at least was when she packed her bags and left the X Mansion to go join Generation X under the supervision of ice princess Emma “tits” Frost and Sean “shrill cast” Cassidy a.k.a. the Irish mutant Banshee.

While with Gen X it was all “When I was an X Man..” this and “Wolverine taught me how to do…” that. She would soon realize that much like the second generation of X-Men back in the day (Storm, Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Thunder Bird, Banshee, Sunfire etc.) this was a brand new day and all previous battles aside, new baddies wouldn’t give a flying fuck Forge how many experience points you accrued on the way.

Currently Jubes is taggin’ along with the Ultimate version of Alpha Flight. Seems the entire team is hopped up on the equivalent of the goo that made Capn’ America bulging a super soldier. They seem to be baddies as well and are causing quite a bit of trouble for the X-Men.


It’s (The ‘GOO’ called Banshee) made from Logan’s DNA at the labs of Moira MacTaggert (god, I hate her face). Wolvie went and destroyed it all…hopefully.

Watch Jubilee’s character develop in Ultimate X Men!


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