A little Moist (down there)

Much like the real world of high fashion modeling, the world of Super Hero(ines) is minimal on representation of African Americans (or Black Americans, whichever you prefer) and Latinos(as).

However, there is one woman goddess that has shocked the world with her blue &white eyes, white hair, and voluptuous:

1. Lips

2. Breasts

3. Thighs

4. but most of all…Heart

It’s Ms. Munroe, a.k.a Ororo Munroe, Leader of the X-Men’s Gold Team, STORM!!!

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Snap, Crackle, Pop

First appearing in GIANT SIZED X-MEN #1 mmm it’s SOO big! leather-clad Storm quickly became one of the most popular X-Men and mutants in the Marvel Universe.

She’s so badass, her powers are practically limitless, (not in a Jean Grey/Phoenix kind of way but in an Omega-level mutant kind of way…so just like a tier down). She’ll rip your heart out, blow you away, freeze you to death, shock you back to life and drop from space. The Mimic has nothing on her. And she can do all of this wearing leather. sweaty.

Sadly, as far as animations go the closest to doing her character justice was in the 90’s cartoons on FOX. Sure she was CRAZY DRAMATIC in everything she did but if you were a goddess, I mean, COME ON FOLKS…I’d Angela Bassett every line too!  Which was the biggest mistake of the X-Men movies.

Halle Berry as Storm…really?

REALLY??? Now before I make this entry into a shit-sammy of bitchiness. I’ll end it with saying it was just a bad choice and Berry is just not woman enough to work Storm out. Angela Bassett however would have rocked it out hardcore.

And THAT, people, is how Stella could have gotten her groove back…like for real.

Currently in Uncanny Xmen and Ultimate Xmen titles, Storm’s roles are not as prominent right now because that’s what happens when the writers marry you off (and to Black Panther WTF!!). That storyline was a big W-O-T…WASTE O’ TIME!!! However, I’m sure once hot as fuck Colossus’ story line in Ultimate Xmen ends and everyone gets settled in to THE GAYBORHOOD, (San Fran Dresser) in Uncanny, the writers will fix her up nice & good! She is only one of about 200 who have their powers left after crazy-ass Scarlet Witch wished all the muties away. She wins the Whore Face award of 2007-2008. But any snatchway I’m looking forward to future Storm projects. OH! And check out her cards in the 2007, ’08, and ’09 Marvel Masterpiece collections, they are tranny fierceness.

Ending thought. Ro’ needs a mohawk again. It’s zexy with a Z! Holla!


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