The Scarlet Witch a.k.a crazy heifer!!!

This is what I’m going to call a “Pre-Blog” Blog as I am Starvation Station Rythm Nation and need food, for reals so let me just say for now I’m not happy with Wanda AT ALL!…The ONLY acceptable Wanda is a funny lesbian lady named ♥Wanda Sykes…Ms. Sykes if ya nasty.

The Scarlet "Crazy Ass" Witch

The Scarlet "Crazy-Ass" Witch

If you know of any other acceptable Wandas, AND NO FISHES ALLOWED, let me know.

ALSO, I’m trying out different font colors to see how it looks on the site. Maybe I’ll start matching up the color with the characters(?) Perhaps.

More to come∞

We’re Back! That cheeseburger hit the spot! And with that here’s my beef with The Witch. Because of her insanity after losing her children she essentially starts going insane, eventually warping reality to try and bring them back.

Because of events involving everyone trying to kill her crazy ass and Magneto killing Quicksilver [being crushed by a sentinel and then Wanda bringing him back], she finally loses her shit and says “No more Mutants”.

So she wished away the X-gene and the mutations that gave mutants their powers.  This effected like 98% of the mutant population and only around 200 were left intact. Some mutants died, some mutants were left powerless. It was all a big mess and still is. Of course this is all happening in the UNCANNY X-MEN storyline. Quicksilver is alive but powerless and now the X-Men as well as many other mutants have regrouped in San Fransico.

Now I’m not going to be a TOTAL negative nancy about it all but COME on! Someone should have cut that bitch a LONG TIME AGO. She’s worthless. Even in the vid-jo games! X-men Legends 1 and 2. I just see no point. She’s another W-O-T, Waste O’ Time!


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