Revelations: Book 5 of 5

Last week the 5th & final book of Angel:Revelations came out of the closet!  The ending to Warren Worthington III’s school days with lots o’ drama. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!

So post creepy-man-baddy-using-the-little-girl-with-mutant-finding-abilities-to-find-Warren’s-school, Warren got rid of the ‘touch-my-no-no-zone’ Priest there by saving resident underdog homo and BFF Andrew from any further abuse!

After Warren’s Angelic Avenging, it was time for a stand off with THE CRAZY BIBLE THUMPING, no doubt republican/McCain/Pailin/Bush supporting GUN WIELDING guy!  During break, (and since Warren, Andrew, ‘The Jock’ and Warren’s Ex-Gf are still there) a fire breaks out and it is up to Warren to save everyone from the fire and from the hell storm that the crazy guy is bringing. He flies up and grabs his gun, which he (in true red neck fashion) does not let go of until-YOU GUESSED IT-he is 100s of feet above the ground. So he falls to his doom.

DESERVES IT! (but Warren felt bad)

So, of course he saves everyone also giving away his secret mutation (wings, not just a TV show) and we are left with a stronger more focused Warren who sets out to be a true hero!

As far as individual series go for the X-Men (Gambit, Storm, Bishop etc.) Angel has FIVE STAR-ed its way into my heart.

I decided to include pics (it would be a crime not to!) of Ben Foster, who starred as Angel in the X-Men movies.  Now, being a fan of Foster from wayyyy back (Flash Forward! Hello, Jewel Staite. Look for an entry on her time on FireFly soon!) I wasn’t too sure about him as Angel. After seeing the movie, I think he really embodied the mentality of the character.


A new Hero!

A new Hero! (art by Adam Pollina)

Ben Foster as Warren Worthing III

Ben Foster as Warren Worthington III

Zexy with 'Z'!

Zexy with a 'Z'


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