More than Bats in HER belfry (whiink)

I love D.C. don’t get me wrong but they do not have very many high profile gay characters.

This Female Crimefighter is a triple threat.

1. She’s a Red Head, POW!

2. She’s Jewish, OY ZING!

3. She’s a lesbian, SMACK!

The original Batwoman was created as a love interest for Batman to knock down the allegations that Batman and Robin were fucking gay.  She constantly had to be rescued by Batman and her weapons were disguised as cosmetics dildos and jewelry. This character was later killed off in Detective Comics #485 and her existance is erased due to the first crisis.

Katherine (Kate) Kane comes from as wealthy and prestigious a family as Bruce Wayne and whatever he does not own the Kane family does.  She is a lipstick-ish lesbian and made her first appearance in the pages of the mini series 52.  She not only keeps her identity a secret but her non stop pussy pounding sexuality a secret as well. YEOWWZA!

Batwoman operated as Gotham’s protector while Batman, Robin and Nightwing were MIA (no, not the singer) after the most recent crisis.  In 52 you learn that she has an on-and-off-again realtionship with the kick-ass cop Detective Montoya ( y’all might remember her from the animated series). She “assisted” Montoya in solving a mystery involving the use of one of the Kane family’s warehouses.  Montoya is not the only one that favors Kate, Nightwing has a crush on her as well and even welcomes her into the bat family by giving her an official orgaszm batarang.  You can currently see her in Final Crisis: Revelations #3.

I think Batwoman is a great representation for the GLBT community.  I hope that eventually she gets her own series, that would be a huge break through for D.C.!!!  I give D.C. props for giving some diversity to their comics but I’m still waiting for a high profile gay male character! All the gay men are minor side characters or lesser known villians.

Check the photos if you’re not on the up-and-up with Batwoman! Enjoy!

~Aaron M.

A badass even at gunpoint!

A badass even at gunpoint!

Taken it on the chin!

Takin’ it on the chin!


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