Sunnydale’s Finest, Part One

Willow Rosenberg

So who is that smokin’ hot mama you see before you?  The most scrumptious scooby, the most sapphic of Sunnydale’s students?

If you didn’t instantly recognize Willow Rosenberg then you need an emergency re-education!

This fiery redhead began her high school career as a shy yet studious bookworm.  An apt student in any field, she was always safely outcast with the nerds and the dweebs.

Until one fateful day when Buffy Summers entered the scene and changed Sunnydale forever!

( And with that much dye in their hair, who ISN’T going to change Sunnydale forever?  I mean, judging from the amount of showers Buffy had to have taken during the show, I’m surprised the water supply isn’t completely yellow by the end of season one.)

Willow became a part of the gang, fighting the forces of darkness alongside Buffy, Xander, Giles and a host of supporting characters.

Along the way, our heroine discovers the only werewolf with a band, a penchant for magick (both dark & light) and a beautiful les-beam named Tara Maclay.  She continues to have girlfriends (some girl named Kennedy, whatever) and her study of magick never ceases but her time with Tara truly rocked the world (and my heartstrings).

Season Eight Willow

You could argue that the Wicca shown in popular culture (I’m looking at you Charmed) does much to harm general perceptions of neo-pagan religions; giving untrue expectations of magick and nature-based religion probably ends up hurting the pagan cause more than helping.

But really, fuck that noise.  A good TV show is hard to find!  And who doesn’t totally crap their pants when Willow FLAYS A MAN ALIVE in ‘Villains’?!  And using magick as a metaphor for substance abuse?  Mr. Whedon, I love your brain.

There’s no use arguing with me about the greatest character of all time.  Sherlock Holmes?  Yawn, where’s the lesbian sex?  Captain Nemo?  PUH-lease.  No one does revenge like Willow.

Batman?  Superman?  Ms. Rosenberg could beat them with both hands tied behind her back AND a smile on her face!

From the scared young girl we first meet in ‘Welcome to the Hellmouth’ to the powerful and steady woman in the Buffy Season Eight comics, there’s just no denying that Willow Rosenberg is the ultimate power behind the Slayer throne.

And who else could rock a Ren Faire dress in the middle of a Californian summer?!



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