It has been TOO LONG down there. No, this isn’t going to be some mini-entry with just a bunch of hot pictures! OK, I’m lying, it TOTALLY IS! Or is it? Well, on to the Whedonverse continuation!

Nathan Fillion is gorge! (gorgeous). He’s smart, funny (on screen) and is not scared of a little musical. He’s probably one of the most versatile actors that does not get enough credit. He’s done it all not me though…frown: One Life to Live, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Desperate Housewives… geez, just a PLETHORA of movies and TV shows! Remember Two Guys, a Girl & A Pizza Place? Yea, that was him. One gay movie, OUTING RILEY, which I have not seen yet. He doesn’t play gay but he plays the brother of a gay guy…so that’s nice. (whiink)

Then, of course, my favorite character, Mal from Firefly & Serenity drool. We are all upset that it ended but I’m sure we all own the DVD set, and if you don’t, go get it as it’s a nice addition to anyone’s sci-fi library. If he turned you off as Caleb from Buffy (only because he was massively evil, THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE REASON), I have no doubt that he’ll turn you on in Firefly. Even you straight guys and lezzie maguires!

For shiz (dear old Shiz), he makes me want to get big shiny guns and shoot things in my brown coat. Look for him doing some voiceover work in the new Wonder Woman animation coming out in 2009!

Captain Hammer

Captain Hammer, guess what the hammer is?

Buns O' bubble

Buns O' Bubble

Brown Coat

Brown Coat

With his Gun

With his Gun

Oh so Shiny!

Oh so Shiny!

YAY PG PORN! Don’t worry its totally SFW!


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