Amazonian like a Fox?

If you don’t know, the “Wonder Woman” movie has been in talks around the D.C. universe.  There are rumors floating around that the Tranny-former’s female lead Megan Fox is said to be cast as Ms. Diana if ya nasty herself, which I find disgusting and stupid and…..let me do an aside…

“I know she’s kinda gorge and shiz but she’s a weakling and we need a woman to play an Amazon. Have we learned nothing from Xena: Warrior PrincessSometimes it takes a lez to play a warrior.”

So here is the photo-shopped image going around for your viewing dis pleasure.

Wonder girl?

Yeah, yeah she’s nom-noms and she looks good in that suit but she needs to gain some muscle and maybe spend a weekend at Lilith Faire before she jumps on the beating-the-SHY-NOLA-outta-Ares bandwagon! In her defense, she would be a lot better than the talk of having BEYONCE’ play her. I mean…seriously, Beo-wolf-oncé. I’m thinking no.

Back in 2005 Whedon signed on to write and direct the live action movie. But it’s about to be 2009, apparently there were some issues and junk and stuff. There are also talks that the script isn’t entirely dead. We’ll see what happens.

On the upside, there IS a new animated movie that seems pretty awesome! Check it out Here!


2 thoughts on “Amazonian like a Fox?

  1. Actually after looking at the picture she could definitely pull it off on looks alone, at least.
    But I’m still pulling silently for Beyoncé, amigo.

  2. I agree she should be very amazonian, but if your going to go with someone smaller I think maybe Angelina Jolie. She at least is pretty toned and can definately pull off the cuntiness it requires to be Wonder Woman.

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