What you should be reading!

A couple of months ago Marvel put out the Angel:Revelation series that was AWESOME! Well, currently (and for some time now), your favorite master of magnetism has his own miniseries, Magneto:Testament which stars Erik Magnus Lensherr, born Max Eisenhardt in Nazi Germany.  Right at the footsteps of Hitler and his soldiers, Max and his family must deal with the Nazi takeover which affects not only his Jewish father but Max and his school situation as well.

It all starts with him winning a medal in a javelin throwing event in his school. Accused of cheating, young Max’s medal is taken away and he slowly realizes the changes occurring not only within him, but around him. Testament is, like Revelations, smartly written, with more humanity than we are used to seeing from other comics that are focused on one character.





No. 3

No. 3

Magneto:Testament is a great prelude to the Magneto:Origins movie that is set to come out in the next few years after the Wolverine:Origins movie.  There is a script set and ready, however the green light has not been lit for production. It will focus on Charles and Erik’s relationship after the war and take the viewer to the present where they have become enemies. Lauren Shuler Donner, Wolverine:Origins producer confirms the movie is “still in the works”.

Magneto:Origins Number 3 should be out soon! (if not already) Check out young Max as he struggles to save his family from the Nazis as they invade Poland!


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