Conventionally Speaking

Your beautiful, talented & hilarious (and humble, naturally) authors went to the 2009 Comicon in Richardson, TX and had ourselves quite a day.

The convention space was divided up into two main sections, the artist gallery and the dealers room.

The artists were all very willing to sell sketches, take pictures, do signings and generally just get their stuff out to the hungry public.  There were two artists who really lil-bow-wowed us.

The salaciously sapphic Cat Staggs has an amazing eye for the female form.  She has done some beautiful work in the Women of Marvel trading card set which we highly suggest you check out.  In all of her female pieces (honka honka) you’ll notice she goes for the sensual rather than the overtly sexual in a way that you don’t see in most female characters in the comic world.  Really something else.  We would love to see her get her own series, JUST SAYING.  Enjoy our collective sexiness with her royal Catness.

Cat Stags & Mutant A Day

Cat Staggs, Mutant A Day, Aaron

Cat and more Mutant A Day contributers!

Cat and Windiebird

The other artist who really impressed us (and he could press us any way he wants) was Joe Jusko.  His most famous work was done on the 1992 Marvel Masterpiece trading card set although he has done work all over the comic industry for the better part of 30 years.  His colors are rich and thick (and that’s our kind of man) while his lining is complex and realistic.  Very consistent style and always a joy to look at.  And the art isn’t bad either.  Don’t you just want to rip his clothes off?

Joe Jusko & M-A-D

Joe Jusko & Windiebird

Mr. Jusko, Mutant A Day, and Aaron

Mr. Jusko, Mutant A Day, and Aaron


The second part of the convention was the dealers room and boy was it a room!   It was much louder and there was SO much to spend money on!  There were bootleg DVDs, decades worth of comic archives and more shirts and Mighty Muggs than you can shake a stick at.(And by stick I mean Mjollnir, and by Mjollnir I mean that hammer is my penis)  They had ALL the nerds covered.  Who fans, Battle Star Galactites, Trekkies, Star Whores, Weeboos and even the Ren Faire crowd.

Seriously, if you could dream it they were selling it.  We had a pretty nice haul ourselves (like every Saturday night around here) and you know we’ll be heading out the next time the convention breezes through town.

Oh! And there was some self-righteous actor from that new Punisher movie or something.  It was kind of hard to tell since he was wearing his sunglasses indoors.  Yeah, it was daytime.  He must be cute because he got a movie deal but we suspect his divine pole-smoking skillz might have played a role in the casting directors decisions.

Because, hello, freshly baked faguette.

That’s about it for our 2009 Richardson Civic Center Comicon coverage and we’ll be seeing you next post!

Keep it dirty.

Mutant A Day


One thought on “Conventionally Speaking

  1. Lots of innuendos around here, but they’re pretty funny.
    And who in the world is the Punisher guy you’re downing?

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