Hulking Out, Runaway Style

Here at Mutant A Day we have lots lined up in the coming [on your face] months. We however have not forgotten the founding purpose of the site. To talk about a mutant a day.

That obviously isnt happening as much as we would like as we have expanded down there to covering local events and happenings in the world of comics and the like.

Its fun, no?

But this entry will take us back, to the days of yester months. Oh yes…[harder, louder] OOOH YESSS!!!

This entry is all about Molly! No, not Heroes Molly [isn’t she dead or something anyways], RUNAWAYS’ Molly Hayes.

Miss Molley Hayes

Miss Molly Hayes

The daughter of two villians belonging to Los Angeles own Pride, Molly, along with the other other Runaways escaped her heinous heritage to unleash LA from the Prides evil hold.

The only “official” mutant of her bunch, Molly is SUPER strong like the Hulk [err…She-Hulk] and with her array of cute little animal/chibi hats there’s no disliking this pint sized Rogue.  The only downside to her mutant ability of super-strength is the super-nap she needs post-enemy distruction.

Baby sitter anyone?

Watch out for ALL CON next month in Dallas!!!  Mutant A Day along with its contributors will be covering the event and hope to get lots of info and take down a wookie or bed i mean. Grrrrr!


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