Blibbity Blobbity Boo

Don’t have a heart attack, we’re back with another mutant on this fine February day.

Frederick J. Dukes, a name that rings a resounding, “Huh?” with most people.

Maybe THIS will jog your memory!


SPLADOW!  How do you like them apples? Well, you wouldn’t look good in a unitard either, would you?

If you haven’t guessed by now, you’ve just been visually assaulted by The Blob!

This massively monstrous mutant from the Marvel universe as well as native sexin’ Texan, began his X-Men appearances in Uncanny X-Men Volume 1 #3 from January, 1964. While not the brightest bulb in the bunch he has certainly spent many years of his life devoted to villainy and the pursuit of squishing X-Men.


KERWHAM! Boy, has this good ol’ boy been beaten up! Either on Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or Mystique’s (or pretty much any passing evil group that picked him up) Blob gets his bodaciousness handed to him time and time again. He’s currently powerless and working as a weight-loss guru. I’m flabbergasted too.

Not much else to say about this fella but you stay tuned for the next update, true believers! You never know when we’ll plop down a post like a huge, unitarded ass-to-the-face!



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