Unhealthy Obsessions

With the excitement of the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie coming out soon [may 1] I’m sure by now you have all figured out that we LOVES us some Wolverine/Hugh Jackman.

And with that comes his NEW VIDEO GAME COMING on our face OUT! The following are screen caps of the vid-jo game and the movie poster. Uhhh..gasm.


I'll Take 3 Please!

I'll Take 3 Please!


T is for Teens...Hugh is for Me

T is for Teens...Hugh is for Me



And Dice..

And Dice..

Hopefully this game wont totally be lame. Im sure it wont. [unlike like the Spidey musical coming out. Oh PLEASE cast Krusty Drunks! We have a recession and this is what the world gives us….SPIDER MAN THE MUSICAL?] 


Mutant A Day


One thought on “Unhealthy Obsessions

  1. More like seX-Men Origins: Wolverine, amirite?

    The game really does look pretty wicked. The movie…I just hope they don’t mess up all of the good factors that took them to it! i.e. Sweaty Hugh Jackman, rippling-muscles Hugh Jackman, tender Hugh Jackman, tight-jean-wearing Hugh Jackman etc.

    Heh, I keed. This’ll be an amazing movie for the effects at the very least. Here’s hoping the writing can keep up ^_^

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