New Things in Art

So here at Mutant A Day sometimes we like to go a little out of the norm of comic-booking and into the land of Art. Who’d a thunk!

I’d like to take the time to feature local DFW artist Loretta Gonzalez. She is woman of great talent and has a great twist to things seemingly cuddly.  Her paintings [which may be considered ‘low brow art’] run the gambit [ooh how cajun] of emotions and really leave you pondering why your feeling what your feeling.

Painting by Loretta Gonzalez

Painting by Loretta Gonzalez

Her use of color and pattern never leave the eye tired or bored and the mischevious and well thought out subject matter doesn’t go over your head, but stabs you straight [or not so straight whiink] in the heart!

Painting by Loretta Gonzales

Painting by Loretta Gonzalez

Here at MAD, we LOVE every piece of work she has done. And look forward to her next show, fo sho!

Make sure to check out her website @ . Its a blogger site.

Mutant A Day


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