Watchmen, Part 1


So tonight’s the night!  The Watchmen movie opens at midnight.  Your faithful authors will not be attending the opening night festivities (hello full time jobs) but we’ll have a movie review up sometime this weekend.

So as the biggest fan of Watchmen on the team, I thought I’d bring a few, quick opinions of the graphic novel to the table.

Culture deconstruction at its finest, every panel filled with symbolic synchronicities. In fact this alternate dimension is so real and immersive, you’ll find the characters frighteningly true to your own life. Each of the heroes represents a moral approach to life and each is portrayed unbiased with no judgment attached to the portrayal. You get a slice of these peoples’ lives for the better and the worse.

The entire plot revolves around a massive twist at the end of the story. Up to that point, we are drawn deeper into the twisted lives of these ordinary people from extraordinary circumstances. When we finally feel the staggering conclusion, I guarantee you’ll be as thoroughly thrilled as you are mindblown.

Revealing much more than that gives too much away. Do yourself and read this story! Give the movie a shot but make sure you give its source material a real go.


-Windiebird watching the Watchmen


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