Someone to Judo-Chop

Can we PUH-LEASE talk about the insanity that is Street Fighter – Legend of Chun-Li?


 I swear I plotzed and not in a good way.

So here is the shiz. Mutant A Day and other affiliates of said blog went to a matinee showing [because of the likely hood of failure and because paying 8 dollars for a 2 dollar hooker movie is just wrong].

“Why the neggative start out?” You ask. Well, the movie actually was not “bad”. Kristen what’s her Lana, who normally I, and the rest of the world, hates, due to her contant up-do’s and abnormalities in a little show called Smallville [yes I went there], kicked SO MUCH ass it gave me chills.


She actually did a good job playing a character myself and other girls,guy,bi,Thai people love to fight with on the video games. Who else has head crushing thighs? Certainly not Jenna Jameson. Certainly not that guy who crushes cans for recycling on Rosedale and 5th!


But yes folks, she did a good job. Chris Klein however makes me want to call up Katie Holmes so we can go back in time together when they dated and she can agree to marry him only to leave him at the alter and break his heart the way he broke mine with his “ACTING” in this movie.

Every time he appeared in the scene with his greasy hair and sweaty face I wondered if he woke up every morning to a healthy breakfast of Frosted Crack and a side bagels and blow. By the way he “played” Charlie Nash.

And by played [I swear this is my last complaint] I mean lamely one lined his way through the movie. He gets the douche award for this post.

Even though the majority of the movie is sub-par, we are glad we saw it. It’s right up there with Glitter or any movie J-lo made after The Wedding Planner.

-Mutant A Day

More posts to come invloving the count down to X-men’s Origins Wolverine, All-con pics with your favorite bloggers, and random entries involving that guy from Rosedale & 5th!  Oh yeah replace this guy with Chris Klein and have a lovely day!


7 thoughts on “Someone to Judo-Chop

  1. I can’t believe y’all went to see this thing called a film and then have the gall to insult J. Lo movies, haha.

    Chris Klein’s always been kind of “barely there,” but he’s got other things working for him. He does look somewhat emaciated if you ask me, but maybe I’m just used to seeing the Cornhusker we grew up with in American Pie et al.

  2. Klein was like watching someone pour acid into your brain. It was ridiculous. Hey, I am J-Lo neutral. I think I liked some of her music but it’s honestly been awhile since I’ve seen her or heard her in anything.

  3. Haha, but she put out Angel Eyes after the Wedding Planner, and that was one of her best. She also had Maid in Manhattan and El Cantante more recently, and while I haven’t seen ’em I’ve heard they’re at least worthy of TNT. 🙂

    I haven’t seen Gigli and have no intentions to unless I feel like laughing…

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