Dolly, Pardon?

(I wouldn’t say no.)

I think it’s about time I weighed in on the Whedonverse’s latest addition, Dollhouse.

Okay, TV world, I get it. You are outraged. Nay, incensed that Dollhouse isn’t Buffy! Nor is it Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible or an uncredited Speed screenplay.

But could we give the production team of this show a little bit of slack? It’s a completely new show. Sure, there are many Buffy alums working with this story. There are definitely aspects of this show lacking so far, don’t get me wrong. I may be a fan of just about every Joss Whedon-related endeavor but that doesn’t make me an unthinking fanatic. I’m a fan because I enjoy what I’ve seen. I analyze what I’m watching and process if it’s something I can enjoy or not.

So I didn’t instantly orgasm when I heard Joss & Co. were putting out a new show. I also didn’t immediately hate it simply because it isn’t Buffy season 9 or Firefly: The Musical!

This, like any artistic production, deserves to be judged on its own merits.

I feel that it stands very well on its own two legs, in fact. It’s grown, for Tara’s sake! The premise places the show firmly in the scifi category. Yet we’re not quite in the realm of space travel or time warps. It’s a subtle fantasy lost on those expecting a rip-roaring space odyssey or journey into hell. We are only 6 episodes into the 13 episode season and the show is being shot down by critics before it can even get out of the expository episodes.

Not only is the writing and cohesion of the show improving with every episode, we finally get to see Eliza Dushku (really, too easy) NOT be Faith. Who would have thought we’d ever see the day? She’s becoming a damn fine actress, even if she’s thin as sin in the show.

So really, this is my plea. Give the show a full season before you shove it to the side. This could be the next great series and is showing some major potential already. Don’t let the past overshadow what could be.

Whedon 4 lyfe



2 thoughts on “Dolly, Pardon?

  1. I agreee I think the show keeps getting better as the season goes along. We are finally getting to know the characters and have been introduced to some major plot twists. I just don’t want this to get scrapped when I think this series might end up being really great.

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