Ladies, gentlemen & beings of indefinable gender we went to All-Con.

Windiebird: This was definitely not a one day convention and I think our experience showed that. It was very pleasant, don’t get me wrong. I had a blast seeing all the conventioneers in their costumes. I probably enjoyed the SCA demonstration and the vendor room the most.

The SCA people were so much fun because they are hardcore into their hobby. They want to recreate medieval life and they’ll use force to get the job done. The people from our kingdom were very friendly and interested in teaching us about what they do. Plus there were lovely boys beating each other with sticks, so with a premise like that, you’ve got my full attention already.

The vendor room was expensive but with a pretty average selection. I didn’t end up buying anything but there were certainly happy things to spend some money on!

Honestly, it didn’t have the comic-world showing I would have liked and there were hardly any artists on the day we attended. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. It certainly wasn’t a comic convention and it never claimed to be one. So though I didn’t find as much to do there as I did at the Richardson con, I would heartily recommend the weekend to anyone with an interest in sci-fi or anime.

Mutant A Day: Ok, so I don’t mean to be a traitor to my generation and all but just because you dress up does not give you the right to think that your ghost busting duties are more important than others and be a total spaz-hole.

With that said here’s a little dribble from my POV about All Con in all its con-ness!

I’m pretty much going to have to agree with everything our good lord Windiebird has written. If it wasn’t for the big burly men smashing into eachother with their massive wooden…sticks….=/* ** [drool], wearing their kilts and…armor…and…uh…brb…

Ok,…where was I, yes, then the day would have been more of us walking around and making comments about how the Ghost Busting guy was a total ass-face, and the over-priced goodies baddies that were for sale were too limited. It made me miss Comicon.  And Nathan Fillion. [I’m sure he misses me too.]

There were high points of course! Like the big “straight” Xena behemoth of a woman who taught..and by taught I mean gruffed to us the delicacies of making fairy wings. Windiebird made his debut as an Autumn winged fairy. It was a corniopia of excitement. [In his pants I’m sure of it.] She snapped at me in true lesbonic fashion when i started asking a question that was too feminine for her to answer. She’ll be getting a letter from us..or maybe…some gross crocs. I dunno I don’t want her to eat us.

Anywho, there was Nightwing, and Batman and Dasiy, but I’m pretty sure only a dollop of her was function if you know what I mean. She was sweet though and the only fully functioning Nintendo character there.

Now that I think about it she might have been at the wrong convention. Oh daisy, your such a silly bitch ^_^.


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