On Fire & Getting Fired…


So with the release of my husband’s Hugh Jackman’s movie coming out, X- Men Origins: Wolverine, it seems that people have literally lost their frikin’ minds!
As you all know, well now you do, there is a leak out there of an unfinished Wolverine and since people are tar-tar and can’t wait to see it in theatres, the word is spreading and more and more people are tarnishing their good sense and jumping on the bandwagon of what I think is bad guy protocol.

This has happened SO much that even critics are trying and have gotten their grubby little hands on it and have gone so far as to write reviews and publish them.


And with that failure the dude got canned. The dude being Fox News columnist Roger Friedman. Oh Fox . And Fox affiliated people. When will the shenanigans end!!!

It wont, that’s why we love Family Guy so much. I mean did you see the last episode wh….wait…uh .. Wolverine, yes.

So here is the article…read it. There is also a nice pic of Jackman. BTW, he says it’s freaking AWESOME! Which is to be expected. I mean, check the pic at the top. Wolverine is on fire. in my pants.

-Mutant a Day


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