King’s Gambit

Here we go, folks. It’s the week. THE week. The week in which Hugh Jackman finally marries MaD and flexes all over the place, while sweating dramatically.

Okay, it’s actually the week before Wolverine busts onto the screen once more in the fourth X-Men-related film! X-Men Origins: Wolverine is going to be another great entry in the series so we thought we’d kick it off by giving our treatment to a few of the characters you should be seeing in the movie!

Let’s start with Gambit, that dastardly devil.
(Art from the folks at Gambit Fans)

Of all the X-Men to have appeared in the past none have come close the sheer style Gambit has always been written with. A mysterious Cajun with a twinkle in his eye and a big, hard stick for all the ladies. Well, all the ladies who cross him.

Or sit on him, I guess.

Anyways, the point is he’s tres mysterioso. Not to mention the incredibly hard life he’s led from the time he was a young New Orleans thief. Raised in the local Thieves’ Guild (it was the 90’s just go with it) he quickly rose to favor. He lost a sister, married a lady from the Assasain’s Guild and generally made a killing by robbing what he could. He also developed his amazing mutant talent, kinetic energy control.

Gambit uses his talent mostly by charging inorganic objects with excess kinetic force, causing a time-delayed explosion of controllable size. So, basically Gambit can throw ‘splodey cards. Which is in the top 25 Most Badass Things To Be Able To Do, hands down. He’s able to charge organic matter just as easily but since that’s kind of a dick move in most cases, he avoids it as much as possible. Originally unable to control the sheer power he was unconsciously channeling, he enlisted the aid of Mister Sinister (I guess Twisted Sister was busy) to modify his nervous system to cap the energy his body would contain.

Gambit has trucked with the Marauders, the X-Men, the Thieves’ Guild, a few small-time operations and been a lone wolf.

His most notable love interest is the mutant Rogue and her inability to maintain contact with any living being for any extended period of time has…caused some friction in their relationship. Well, lack of friction, really.

HEY-O! But these two lovebirds are just victims of their circumstances, which makes for a great love story.

He’s been evil, good, rich, poor, in love and hated. But let it never be said that Remy Etienne LeBeau ever lacked a flair for the wilder side of life.



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