The Savage Creed

So is day two of the count down to X Men Origins: Wolverine, coming out May 1st. Now like any good blogger it is important and necessary not to be obsessed with the main character [Hugh Jackman] of a movie, and recognize that other people do exist….like when they call Hugh Jackman Wolverine, or like when they call him Logan, or when they call him James. You have to recognize that….I am in love with “them”. As such you must give attention to his arch nemisis, Victor Creed, a.k.a. Sabretooth.


Starting out in the Marvel universe as purely a villianous murder, Victor has been the pong ball  between evil and not so evil. Formerly fighting side by side with Wolverine in the Weapon X project, Sabretooth is most noticeable as being Magneto’s muscle while apart of The Brotherhood of evil Mutants, or simply, The Brotherhood. His character has also been linked to being Logan’s father, which was later proven not true, as well as the lover of Mystique, [birthing the mutant-phobe Graydon Creed],  known to many as Raven Darkholme or the former Rebecca Romaine, (stay-moist), from the X movies.

Joining the X Men as well as X Factor his mind has been on the brink many times on Earth 616 [Don’t hate me for using that term].  In fact the only time Sabretooth has not been a homocidal maniac is in Age of Apocolypse {irony} when not only does he care for WildeChild, (be it by chain), but also for Clarice Ferguson, also known as the teleporting Blink.

Played by Tyler Mane in the X movies, Liev Schreiber will take over the roll in the new Origins movie giving some insight to the characters background and personality….ya know besides the constant “I’m going to kill your face” complex that he has.

-Mutant a day

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