The Fatal Puddle

Ladies & actual ladies! It is Thor’s day (peace upon his Nordic hammer) and we are one day from Wolverine-y goodness! Your loving bloggers won’t be hitting up any midnight madness tonight but you should be seeing the reviews up after our Sunday matinee experience.

Little did you know that your faithful heroes were actually grandmas in disguise! Just like Transformers but with a little less laser-action. And more naps.


Deadpool! We all know that comics are, largely, soap operas with explosions and skin-tight bodysuits. In any given issue of a book, you’ll see dinosaurs with alien symbiotes, doomed lovers & more exaggerated bulges than a gay parade.

That being said, Deadpool’s story contains some of the twistiest twists and craziest sub-plots to be found anywhere in the Marvel universe.

He routinely breaks the fourth wall and is perfectly aware that he is a character in a comic book. He’s switched bodies, lost limbs, been decapitated, been defeated by Squirrel Girl, been shrunk by Pym particles & made friends with Death.

His powers are an interesting set, essentially stemming from a massively hyper-charged regenerative healing factor, initially introduced to his system via gene therapy using coding from Wolverine. Go with it.

He had joined the Weapon X program in the hopes that they’d assist with his seemingly fatal cancer prognosis. And boy did they. The power they gave him somehow combined with his cancer and managed to give him: resistance to foreign chemicals (such as alcohol or drugs), immunity to disease, extended life span, immunity to telepathy, superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman stamina & amazing agility. All of this is made more deadly by his proficient mastery of many styles of hand-to-hand melee and close-combat blades. He has even been cursed by a voodoo master with immortality. Thanos didn’t want Deadpool to have fun with Death in the afterlife. Or something. Go with it again.

He’s the quintessential Merc with a Mouth, as they say and he’s one odd clown from the Marvel universe. We’ll see how they dress him up and change him ’round for the movies but look out for explosions, swordfights and some witty banter!

Is there anything better?



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