“If not, do you have tickets for…”

“If not, do you have tickets for…”


If you’re like us at Mutant A Day, you might be a little older, a little wiser, a little more rock and roll, and a little less bring your evil spawn to the theatre to ruin a perfectly good movie with the man of our dreams in it.

This is why we have chosen to see the matinee showing of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on, can you believe it, SUNDAY and in the morning, if we can help it.  We want optimal viewing without the loud “OH NO HE DIDN’T!” or the muffled, “MMHMM”.  Plus, we like Middle Middle. [Jackman Sandwhich is you please]! JK, of the theatre of course!

With our excitement of seeing Logan get all “I’m gonna teach you a lesson”-y [oh yessir please do] on the big screen I thought it only right to do a brief [ahh the jokes] bulleted history of said mutant hottie as his story is frakkin’ long.WHHINK!

WWI; Wolverine does a lot of fighting, gets all stabby, wears a patch ARGGGG! And also gets some booty on the side. Sabretooth is present.

WWII; Wolverine fights alongside Capn America, fights a vamp Buffy style, Gets all samurai, Sabretooth is present and kills Silver Fox, Wolverine then works for the US CIA….what a trooper.

Something about “Team X“…Sabretooth is present.

Weapon X – Logan is wolverine-napped by the program and his bones are laced with adamantium, he gets angies, and escapes all raw and naked.

Department H/Alpha Flight– Logan is all like  “Aye” this and “Aye” that, is officially Wolverine after joining the Canadian team and helps stop Wendigo and Hulk from going all destructo on the surrounding area. Suprisingly Sabretooth is not present.

The X-Men– Professor X recruits Wolverine, and he accepts, quitting Alpha Flight/Dept H, Buckets O’Hell happen has Logan deals with regaining is memory, having Magneto rip out his adamantium and almost dying, like a bunch of times, Jean Grey, and a plethera of women, going feral again, leaving the X-Men, coming back, House of M, and currently helping lead the X-Men in San Francisco with Emma Frost and lap dog Scott Summers. Sabretooth is in there a lot.

So that’s the gist ladies, gents and inbetweeners! His character is pretty intense and I’m sure that Hugh Jackman will do justice to the origin that is Logan’s. But what if they don’t have tickets left? I am NOT going to see that stupid new matthew mcconaughey movie. Greasy bastard.

-Mutant A Day


The movie was AWESOME. 5 out of 5 Stars!


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