Puck Post™: Uncanny X Men Update

“What the LISA ANNE FRANK is a Puck Post™?” you ask! Well it’s a short post. Much like Alpha Flight’s Puck.  He’s adorbz right?

With that out of the way Mutant A Day wanted to bring you up to date on Uncanny X-Men.  We all know that our favorite heroes are now housed in San Francisco, the homo mecca of the U.S. Woot!  And side note: in Ultimate X Men after Colossus and North Star finally got together,…yes in bed, the writers paralized North Star in the same comic. Lame. But luckily in Uncanny X-Men they have brought home our Canadian speedster [along with his homosexuality].  Amongst the homecoming, Madelyne-IcomebackfromthedeadmorethanJeanGrey-Prior is back with a team of Bitches. Now ladies, Mutant A Day is CERTAINLY not anti-feminist, but Spiral, Lady Deathstrike, the Mastermind Sisters and Chimera, are indeed, Bitches. And haters.

With the intent on awakening the dead body of Ravanche, the Bitch-Team USA has control of Psylocke in an attempt to transfer her life to that of said corps and use her as they will. Of course it looks like a job for our resident cigar smoker and thats not all he smokes Logan to take care of…ahem..the Bitches.


POP – then out of nowhere Illyanna comes out of nowhere!




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