If the Hulk ever had a bad face day..which is pretty subjective we suppose, then you can imagine how upset he’d be waking up to a mirror only to discover a scaly version of himself, but Yugoslavian. 

HULK SMASH!” you say? We say too! But this is not about Bruce. Willis or otherwise.

Spy, Emil Blonksy had a meeting with, no not Nikki “I’ll Beat your ASS!” Blonsky, but a gamma radiation device in which Bruce Banner had originally decided to commit suicide with.  He thought,

“Well gee, I wonder what kind of tan i’d get with this?”

Then ZIP, POW, ZANG, ZOINK!, and he became the roid-rage swamp thing you see before you. Makes me want a hot dog real bad. 


Luckily for us this seven foot, thousand pound, fish-criminal, or “Friminal“, [we swear Namor came up with that], got into it with the Hulk himself and was eventually imprisoned.  It’s amazing how all of the muties occupy the sewers at once.

….is that why New York smells so bad?

Mutant A Day


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