Asiatic Army of One

Nico Minoru (aka Sister Grimm) is currently the leader of the super powered group The Runaways.


She is a Japanese-American gothic Vixen who wields the power of sorcerery. Like the other runaways her parents were part of the super villian group The Pride.

Nico is able to tap into her power by using The Staff of One, which is an ancient staff that once belonged to her mother and now belongs to her. The only way for Nico to summon the Staff of One is by making herself bleed [down there..for real though] which then the staff pops out of her chest.

She does have some limitations though, she can only cast a spell once and she can’t bring the dead back to life. If she trys to cast a spell more than once it will backfire and something random will happen. She will be featured in a new upcoming storyline in which the new Sorceror Supreme of the marvel universe will be chosen.



Mutant A Day contributer


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