Ordering the Stick

Hey there and hello from your friendly, hulkitudinous windiebird once again! I’ve been on hiatus, do not judge.

Anywho I thought I’d come back with something we haven’t covered here yet! Webcomics!

The particular webcomic I felt the need to share with you today, The Order of the Stick, is pure genius. There are a veritable menagerie of really innovative web-based comic series out there but none stand higher (in my opinion) than Rich Burlew’s homage to the D&D set.

Non-RPGers will find themselves laughing right along with the rest of us because Mr. Burlew is a modern, undiscovered god of dialogue. Seriously, give the man a TV series and we’d have the next Buffy on our hands.

His characters are diverse, unique, intelligently crafted & perfectly executed. Not to mention stretched to their breaking point (you just make your own joke, mama’s tired) time and time again with his brilliant story arcs. Set in a typical D&D campaign, these brave adventurers set out for loot & conquest! Just like any great story, they find that and so much more. Love, pain, betrayal, redemption…I could go on but I think you’re feeling the enthusiasm.

You might need a D&D nerd to help you with a few of the in-jokes but trust in the fact that you’ll be yearning for the very next installment after every page.

Which is refreshing when you take a look at the arguably low-quality works that increasingly flood the mass-market.

Remember to always keep an eye out for independent comics and comic mediums. Evolution is necessary to life just as much as it’s necessary to art!

This is one link you won’t want to miss out on.



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