Another Bat in the Cave

With D.C.introducing us to an all new Batman, Robin, and Red Robin in June, it was actually a surprise when I heard there will also be a new Batgirl.


In August there will be an whole new Batgirl series starring an all new Batgirl. The current Batgirl is Cassandra Cain, who is one of the most skilled martial arts experts in the D.C. universe. It is not known what will happen to her character. There is already a lot of chatter about who the new Batgirl might be.

Ok so here are some of the possible candidates:

1. Barbara Gordon (Oracle) out of her wheelchair which I seriously doubt.[ aww..squeaky wheels]

2. Betty Kane (the original Bat-Girl) who goes by Flamebird right now.

3. Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe (Misfit) who once went by Batgirl but only for a very short time.

4. Stephanie Brown (The Spoiler) is young crime fighter who has helped Batman and Robin out many times, and even took over the mantle of Robin for a short time.

5. Helena Bertinelli (The Huntress) has worked closely with the Bat Family for years and even had the title of Batgirl until Batman stripped her of it. (whhink)

I can’t wait ’till August to see who will step into the role of Batgirl, I have always been a huge fan of Batman’s inner circle. With all the new bat titles and story-lines coming out I think I should be able to wait. If you are fan of the ladies of Gotham then this June definitely check out Gotham City Sirens #1 and Detective Comics #854.



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