Another Dose of Classic Marvel Animation

In April Disney released the first two volumes of the 90’s classic X-Men the Animated Series. Luckily for us mutant-heads Disney will release volumes 3 & 4 in September just in time for early holiday shopping. Screw a hippopotamus, I want the X-Men for X-Mas!

x-men vol4
Each volume contains two dvds which, like the previous volumes, will have 8 episodes per disk.  Given the amount of episodes, we will more than likely see another volume in the near future to satisfy our feral cravings!
Artist, David Nakayama created some sweet contemporary cover art for the DVD’s, which, like his contemporary style, are pretty cool and creative. You can view these covers and his other art on his website  
So sit tight fellow mutie lovers for it will be only a couple of more months ’till we hear Rogue mutter something about being as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full a’ rockin’ chairs, and Wolverine aching to penetrate the deepest regions of some uber villains recesses! OUCH….or AHHH.

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