MAD’s Triple H: Ryan Reynolds

MAD HHH EmmaFrost

Originally one of the guys in a team of Two Guys a Girl &  a Pizza Place, Ryan Reynolds has over the years has given us the funny when we needed it most.  With Blade Trinity, X-Men Origins and Deadpool [coming out in 2011] under his super hero utility belt, it’s only a matter of time (also rumored for 2011) before we will hopefully see Mr. Reyonlds in the role he was born to play, The Flash, instead of LAME Adam Brody, along side the Justice League of course!



3 thoughts on “MAD’s Triple H: Ryan Reynolds

  1. He definately is made to play the Flash. His pesonality and body type is so similar to the Flash.

  2. I can’t believe he has been officially cast as Green Lantern, I like Ryan Reynolds but I just don’t see him as Green Lantern. Hopefully he will prove me wrong.

  3. Whish GL does he play?
    if he plays the first Generation then he would realy fit in…

    but i can see him more as a Barry Allen or Wally West!

    well…alsong he plays XD

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