Cardsharps & Other Masterpieces

Comic Cards seem to be making a comeback in the last couple of years. In 2007 Upperdeck released a new series of Marvel Masterpieces and Rittenhouse released the set DC Legacy.



Recently Upperdeck has made a multi-year deal with Marvel Entertainment, which their first wave of products will be released January 2010. This gives them the rights to make comic cards, games, and movie related cards.

This is good news for fans of the series Marvel Masterpieces, lets just hope there is some improvement over the previous sets they have released. I love Marvel Masterpieces but there is no comparison. The series in the 90’s is far superior.

I have just learned that Rittenhouse will be producing Marvel products in 2010, so it seems Upperdeck’s deal is not exclusive. Rittenhouse has been consistent on releasing both Marvel and DC trading cards.

They have recently released X-men Archives,will release Spider-Man Archives in October, and a Justice League set is TBA. If you are interested in purchasing comic cards check your local comic shop or you may also purchase them on-line.



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