American Alloys

MMThe Metal Men are, conceptually, one of my most favorite teams ever. I do, however, loathe with a passion how they were written during their inception. You have such dynamically characterized elements (literally) living together, fighting together & learning together you’re bound to find ample opportunity to tell a good story. Every team-up does well because it’s intrinsic human nature to be entertained by drama. Groups always equal drama. Reality television, senatorial procedures, your family, you get the point. 

Even understanding that the Metal Men were created as a filler feature and the time frame for the work, the sexism was almost unbearable for me. This is really my one issue with the book but I can’t relate to you how rampant it is unless you’ve read it. You might have a perfectly entertaining scene, when the characters go off on a complete Metal Men art by Duncan Rouleautangent about how useless and emotional women are for panels and pages at a time. These distractions are such a shame because they derail one of the most original stories ever told in the DCU. These heroes are the products of Dr. Will Magnus’ mad science, Gold, Lead, Mercury, Iron, Tin & Platinum (as well as a Nameless girlfriend for Tin later on). Elements brought to life and given mechanical souls, with abilities akin to their base elements and the personalities to match. These are uncommon heroes and their stories fulfill the wildest (and weirdest) fantasy of the sci-fi geek.

A dream come true with sexist rust all over it. Overall, it’s not a book or feature for everyone. It’s a book for science geeks who like their metals extra-active. Extra man-power. Hold the ladyism.

The modern incarnation lacks much of the sexism but misses the dynamic adventurism of the early Metal Men.

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