ComicCon 2009 & The Variants!!!

Smack in the middle of summer, Mutant A Day wouldn’t be caught without its yearly over dose of the Dallas Comic Con at the Richardson Civic Center!  While there we met artist Brandon Peterson of Uncanny and Ultimate X-Men as well as Witchblade hottie, Yancy Butler!

The most exciting part of our venture was catching up with Richard, Joe and Keli from Zeus Comics to talk about their new web series The Variants which you can catch on their Youtube site!


It makes our nether-regions shed a tear [whiink] of joy for this comic-nerd centric show about a group of comic-shop clerks and the daily grind[s] that come with it. Check out the interview!

We look forward to the new episodes and are lucky to have some home town super heroes who’ll bring the funny along with excellent customer service!

-Mutant A Day


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