The Name of the Beast

(Image courtesy of Wikipedia, no free-use image available)

Hank McCoy, a double-mutant in some respects, is one of the most talented minds in the Marvel universe inside one of the most instantly recognizable bodies. More notably a founding member of the X-Men, Hank (codenamed Beast) has also served time with the the Avengers, the Defenders, X-Factor and is currently again with the X-Men. His mutant abilities include, superhuman strength, agility & reflexes as well as heightened senses and a powerful dark side. He’s largely responsible for an effective anti-virus being created during the Legacy virus crisis. His mutation has further advanced twice in his existence thus far, the first instance giving him blue fur and enhanced abilities (in bed) and the second occurrence giving him more feline features and even greater abilities (at sex), including an accelerated healing factor.

Ever a symbol for the struggle between the darker and lighter aspects of human existence, it’s no wonder he’s been such a popular mainstay of the Marvel universe. He’s an activist for justice in every sense, hoping to bring humans and mutants together peacefully. I hear he also has some pretty useful pheromone powers, if you know what I mean.

And who wouldn’t want to know a genius they could pet? Just me then? Well alright.



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