M Day…

Disney has recently purchased Marvel Entertainment for 4 billion dollars. The Mickey Mouse powerhouse will take ownership of over 5,000 Marvel Characters including such heroes as Iron Man, Thor, and the X-men.  This merger will give Disney publishing, licensing, and production of film rights.

Marvel has insured that all our favorite comics will remain unchanged.  It seem that Disney realizes Marvel is doing something right and does not want to mess with a good thing.  Disney has expressed that they have had a hands off relationship with Pixar and it seems that they might do the same with Marvel.

With Disney having licensing rights this will mean when you walk into the Disney store you might  just see Wolverine next to Mulan. [you know Logan and his affinity for asian women]  As far as Video games are concerned there will be a combination of self produced and licensed titles.  With Disney and Marvel working together maybe we will see the next Marvel vs. Capcom  or Kingdom Hearts.  Disney has been airing Marvel shows on Disney XD already so this could mean more Marvel cartoons.  Before this merger Disney was responsible for releasing the 90s X-men animated series on DVD so if this is any sign of what Disney has in store for us, I approve. 

Disney will be able to use Marvel characters in movies but may have to wait on several characters due to other studios having the license to use those characters.  There is a possibility that we may see a Marvel and Pixar Collaboration which could be amazing.  With Disney not being able to use some of the big characters for movies maybe we will see a Runaways movie in the near future.

I am a huge fan of both Marvel and Disney so I am hoping for the best.

Aaron M.

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