MaD Reviews: The Super Hero Squad Show!

This Monday Marvel premiered the first two episodes of The Super Hero Squad Show. The show is based on the popular Marvel Super Hero Squad action figures.marvel-superhero-squad

The basic premise is Doctor Doom and his baddies are searching for pieces of the Infinity Sword in order to rule the universe, and it’s up to the Super Hero Squad to stop them. In the first episode Dr. Doom sends Mole Man and his monsters to attack the city in order to collect a fractal of the Infinity Sword.

 The show starts out appropriately with a speech from the mayor of Superhero City Voiced by Stan Lee. The line-up of hero’s in this episode was Wolverine, Hulk, Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Falcon, Thor, Storm, and Iron Man. There was a non speaking Fantastic Four cameo as well where I saw what I thought was a trannylicious drag queen, but no, it was Sue Storm.

In the second episode, we find Wolverine training a young hero named Reptil while the squad must prevent Doom from getting another fractal. Reptil I believe, is created for this series and has the ability to transform parts of his body into those of dinosaurs.

 This episode had pretty much the same cast of hero’s except Reptil replaced Storm and Hawkeye replaced Ms. Marvel. There is a scene with M.O.D.O.K and the Abomination playing video games that is pretty amusing. 

Post episode I wondered why everyone in Shield ended up being a total tool! [ahem, Hawkeye]

The Super Hero Squad Show is a fun piece of animation, in which I enjoyed both the cuteness and the humor. This program is light hearted and is reminiscent of shows such as Xiaolin Showdown [how I miss thee] and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Don’t expect this to be dramatic it is a comedy that appeals to kids but can be enjoyable for adults as well. It was nice to hear some familiar voices like Cree Summer (Elmyra) as Storm and Adrian Pasdar from Heroes as Hawkeye.

There will be more celebrity voice overs as the series continues. You will definitely develop your favorites but I think I enjoyed The Hulk the most! He was just so-darn-cute! The Super Hero Squad Show airs on Cartoon Network.

Iron-e adventures

Check out The Super Hero Squad Show website to create your own fun comic!

 Aaron M.


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