Mujer del gato!


(image from Warner Brothers film, Batman Returns)

Selina Kyle, the original cat lady of crime, is one of the most iconic women of our Western culture.

No other heroine/villainine embodies all of the sex, mystery and deadly intrigue of the femme fatale as the Catwoman. Unafraid to break windows, doors, hearts or heads to get what she wants, Ms. Kyle is one of our favorite characters.

Retconned to hell and back (I mean, who wasn’t who lived through the 6o’s?), her current story is a harsh one.  Always forced to fend for herself, she gained a powerful sense of independence and the will to survive no matter what.  Bounced around the state system, posing as a prostitute, stealing on the streets, she was not a pampered child.  She grew into a woman unafraid to get her claws bloody, don some tight leather and get what she desires.

Thief, protector, lover, mother, friend or foe, Catwoman has been all of the archetypes of a living, breathing woman. And we love her for it.



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