A Rouge’s Touch

Artist: Adam Hughes

Artist: Adam Hughes

Rogue has the ability to absorb a persons psyche or in case of mutants, their abilities. Her real name, Miss Anna Marie, was not revealed for more than 20 years after her in first appearance. Though an alum of the X-Men’s blue team, this sassy southern gal was not always considered a hero. She was originally introduced as a villain in Avengers Annual #10.

Rogue ran away at an early age and was adopted by the Villain Mystique who took her in and talked her into becoming part of her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She gained her amazing strength and flight from Ms. Marvel who was put in a coma after Rogue had absorbed her energy for too long duing battle. Rogue’s head was being filled with voices of people she absorbed and Ms. Marvels personality would sometimes take over.

 With this driving Rogue to insanity, she turned to Professor Charles Xavier for help and joined the ranks of the X-Men.
Hers powers have changed throughout the years but now she just possesses her original absorption ability. Rogue’s powers have always prevented her from becoming physically close with anybody until recently as she has learned to control her absorbtion abilites. Not only does Rogue not have the sex life of a nun anymore [unless she pulls a Sister Act] she has also become the leader of her own team in X-Men Legacy. It’s no surprise she is a fan favorite and is in almost every incarnation of the X-Men.

-Aaron M.


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