MaD’s Triple H: Kristen Bell


Who was voted worlds sexiest Vegetarian in 2006? Kristen Bell of Course!  Before Bell landed her break out role on Veronica Mars she actually auditioned for the part of Chloe on Smallville, which of course Allison Mack portrays.  After Veronica Mars ended she took on the role of the electrifying Elle on Heroes.  Bell has creeped into our geeky hearts starring in Fan Boys and is currently the voice of Cora in Astro Boy.



Photo: FHM UK Magazine

She not only is friend to the comic world she also has many charitable causes she supports.  She is very involved in the organization Invisible Children Inc. which helps raise awareness about Northern Ugandans caught in the middle of a civil war.  Kristen Bell is a friend to the animals and the GLBT community, all of which makes her MaD’s hottie of the week!

-Aaron M

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