Ace in the Hole!

What member of the Justice League is a descendant of Nostradamus, Leonardo Da Vinci, and alchemist Nicholas Flamel? Our Mutant of the week! Zatanna!

Private Commission by Cat Staggs

Like a virgin mutant, Zatanna Zatara’s powers are genetic.  Usually she casts her spells by speaking backwards but there has been occurrences when she has cast spells without speaking a word.  From 1978-1982 her powers were limited to the four elements but now she is one the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe!
When she is not saving the world with the Justice League she performs as a stage magician.  Her father, John, was also a stage magician and possessed the same powers as Zatanna.  Not only was she childhood friends with Bruce Wayne but her father taught him how to be an escape artist.  She has a really close relationship with Batman but since he is not able to give her the “relationship” she needs they remain close friends.  She has also appeared in the pages of Vertigo’s Hellblazer as John Constantine’s love interest.
You can currently see Zatanna in the pages of Justice League and for a great story arc that features her, check out Identity Crisis!
-Aaron M

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