Shocking Nostalgia!

Here at Mutant a Day we like to  Cher share our joys with the world.  During X-mas there is no better time to buy presents than the weeks following!  The always awesome Aaron M. took it upon himself to purchase the Mjöllnir-like- hammer-wielding-Asgardian goddess-Storm-statue for me ! [wheww…that was alot].

It’s beautiful…really.  And reminded me of my prize posession…and not cause it’s worth anything really, but because I love the cover/story; X Men Annual #9 from 1985!

Cover Art: Adams, Simonson, Zaime - Writer: Claremont

Now you guys can take it upon yourselves to look up the Asgardian Goddess Storm statue, but the pictures I’ve found have been sub-par, so I’ll put up pics later tonight! Cheers!



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