Comicon 2010: Post Show!

Ok gang, there is some good news and bad news!

The good news; we had a wonderful time at this years Comicon hanging out with the cast of The Variants and meeting artists Jaime Mendoza and of course our favorite artist Cat Staggs!

Artist: Jaime Mendoza

Aaron M picked up a massively awesome signed print of Zatanna by Cat Staggs as well as a series of 8 X Men prints!

Zatanna by Cat Staggs

Art by Cat Staggs

I was fortunate enough to get an 11×14 original inking of the X Men vs.  Dr. Doom from Jaime Mendoza!

Art & Inking by Jaime Mendoza

I also got some great original art from Joe and Ken from The Variants of Storm and Zatanna! Such a deal at a dollar a piece! [to be shown later!]

Ok the bad news; [insert frown face].  MaD did lovely interviews with both The Variants and Cat Staggs…however the sound was not so spectacular amongst the heavy crowd.  However we will indeed post the HELL out of them cause we love ’em both! [Just waiting for the edit] We hope everyone had a blast at this years  Comicon in Richardson, Texas. We know we did, and can’t wait for the next convention!


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