Besiege My Heart

Siege #1
(image from Marvel’s Siege #1)

Ladies & gentles, I have a confession. I am a teenage drama queen. And more importantly, Siege is blowing my mind! Siege is Marvel’s four-part miniseries culminating in seven full years of drama and setup on good ol’ Earth 616, focusing on Norman Osborn’s attack on the newly-materialized Asgard. There are, as always, tie-ins and one-shots that fully flesh out the details and background of the story but the meat of the conflict is contained in the main series. We prefer all meats to be well-contained.

Anyways, I love many Marvel characters but I have certainly been spotty in my following of the Marvel U’s story in the past few years. I’ve picked up a few collections (House of M, Death of Cap, things like that) but I haven’t been a True Believer. With talks about the dawn of a new Heroic Age for many of our favorite marvelous heroes it had me thinking about jumping back into the fray of collecting.

Siege, if you had any doubts, is THE perfect place to jump in on. The reader is given a brief introduction in the beginning of the book and it is more than enough to follow the story contained in Siege. THEN at the end of the first issue, we’re given a special round of Cup O’ Joe wherein Joe Quesada explains all of the threads that have led to Siege and what might come next. Honestly, it’s like this series was made for me. Not only am I feeling up-to-speed with the rest of the readership but I’m truly (and sexually) excited for what’s to come and what I might be able to get in on with this bright age approaching. I’m recommending Siege for anyone with the ability to read and an interest in Marvel. Which should be everyone. I’ve been catching bits of Blackest Night as well and we’re quite “stoked” (we ams so straight, y’allz) about Brightest Day and what that could mean for the DCU as well but I had to share my newfound, polyamorous attraction to Marvel!

Looks like everyone is headed towards the light (Italian dressing at the salad bar).

Happy Olympics Day & enjoy your Valentine’s!



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