My Bloody Valentine

Cupid Kiss

(image from DC Comics)

Do we love a murderous, demented sociopath? We do when she’s this well-dressed! More seriously, I’m speaking of the illustriously unstable Cupid. Our manic Mutant of the Week, she was originally a soldier for the secret para-military organization Cobalt. With a birth name like Carrie Hartnell, you’re kind of guaranteed to star in a Stephen King novel or start a messianic cult. She does not disappoint! Driven a bit mad by a black ops mission gone horribly wrong, she was shaken to her core and signed up for drug treatments to make her an unflinching soldier once again. The compound named ATE did that and more, driving her to want more and more of almost everything. It increased her physical prowess to super-human levels & caused amnesia. This cocktail of catastrophe was released on Star City and the city could never be the same afterwards. Cupid has murdered many of the newer Green Arrow villains and though her madness seems to be abated, who can say what the future may hold? I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for anyone with a Green Arrow fixation. Cupid, I lub ya, babe.



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