Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (and the rights, responsibilities & treatment that men get)

Punisher MAX: Butterfly

(image from Marvel)

Valerie D’Orazio, I love you. Forget your boyfriend and his foolish heterosexuality, for my love knows no end for the work you just put in for Punisher MAX: Butterfly as well as Girl Comics. Let’s start with MAX. Easily one of my favorite stories of all time and I’m not being hyperbolic. I have to confess that I know nothing about Frank Castle save what the movie adaptation has to say about him. I don’t know his history or his methods. This one-shot gave me a taste of his MAX universe & I need to see more.

Very much earning its mature label, we are drawn steadily into the story of Butterfly and the life she leads. Indeed, we enter a Jungian forest where the story, the comic & the character are one and the same. Her insanity, her mission, her story and her soul are absolved and consumed by one final punctuation mark.

A beautiful story that I couldn’t stop reading. And I never wanted to. Whether a Frank Castle fan or not, pick this story up. And check out D’Orazio’s blog out while you’re at it!

Girl Comics Volume 1 from Marvel (of a 3 part volume) is certainly an eclectic anthology. While there were a few moments that didn’t quite grab me (sorry, Venus story) I was absolutely smiling at things like the Doctor Octopus grocery short and Valerie D’Orazio’s darkly satisfying Punisher bit. Anything in comics that encourages and supports the women of the industry to their success has my full support. It’s no secret that women aren’t given a fair shake in general but it’s doubly true in industries like the comic publishing business, steeped in a male-dominated creative culture with little push to correct its imbalances.

So give it a read, there’s absolutely something for everyone, regardless of your politics. These women came together to create some kickass comics. Which, at the end of the day, is all any of us really want to see.


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