Still Carrying That Torch; Captain America

Apparently Chris Evans, a-la Fantastic Four 1 & 2  has accepted the role as one Miss Captain America. I’m sure comic enthusiasts may see this as something that is flat out ridiculous. Some may see it as fantastic, and I’m sure a lot of our following of the homosexual order are thrilled to see this hunk playing the all American hero.

Photo by Tony Duran

I assure you readers, this homo, has no tolerance for one actor playing a different title character in the same comic universe. Line me up with the other super nerd army who cares about comic continuity and the like. Abs and pecs won’t make up for this folly, Fantastic or not.



3 thoughts on “Still Carrying That Torch; Captain America

  1. oh no, this will confuse me, one person should not be playing two superheros, need a law against these things 🙂

  2. but damn, he is hot… even my girlfriend is drooling behind my back here and don’t think she will look the same at me from now on… damn u people to post this picture…

  3. I agree, one person should play one superhero. I think he would do great but he should stick with what he has now ,Human Torch.

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