Looking Forward: Wednesday!

This Wednesday is not only new comicbook day but IT’S NEW EVERYTHING DAY!

Tomorrow, X-Men Second Coming #1 hits stores!


We have all been waiting for what is to be the start something amazing [we Hope].  There will be an abundance of tie-ins & though we might have seen some of these story elements before (this has NEVER happened to Kitty Pryde, promise), Uncanny #522 sold me on the set-up. Bookmark our handy checklist so you don’t miss an issue!

Also if you are a Tokidoki art/clothing/design fan, Zeus comics [see the sidebar for a link] has a plethora of shirts on sale tomorrow!

Images: Tokidoki.com

Last but not least Blackest Night #8 will also go on sale!


The rainbow coalition of shiny emotions is finally reaching its conclusion tomorrow! While we don’t know if any of the Lanterns will be wearing White after labor day, we do expect this to be one hell of an epic boss fight. With all of this promise of good tidings &  hope from both of the big publishers, I can’t help but feel a swell (downtown) of anticipation.

This is going to be a Wednesday to remember, Easter comes early!


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